Recruiting participants

There are 2 ways to recruit participants with UsabilityHub: from your own audience or by ordering responses from the UsabilityHub panel. 

Recruiting participants from your own audience

Each UsabilityHub test has a unique link that you can share with your audience to participate in your test. You can recruit an unlimited number of participants for free. 
Recruiting responses from your own audience is always free. We also have three paid plans with greater access to features like custom branding, post-test redirects, split testing, and teams. 
Learn more about recruiting your own participants here.

Ordering responses from the UsabilityHub panel 

Comprised of 25k+ panelists, the UsabilityHub panel is diverse in age, education, gender, and location. 

The highlights of ordering from the UsabilityHub panel

  • Order as few as 5 responses or as many as 1000 
  • Requests random panelists or target specific demographics  
  • Responses cost 2.50 USD per response and volume discounts are available when you pre-purchase credits  
  • We hook you up with 50 USD off your first order from our panel, automatically applied at checkout