Demographic targeting

When ordering responses from the UsabilityHub panel you have the option to target panelists by setting specific demographic criteria. Only panelists who meet your criteria will participate in your test.

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Placing a targeted order with the panel

  1. Go to the Recruit Participants tab of your preferred test  
  2. Click Place an order.
  3. Select Targeted testers 
  4. Set your preferences accordingly 

Available Demographics 

Panelists can be targeted by country, age, education, and gender. Set as few or as many demographics as needed. 


The UsabilityHub panel has participants from over 100 countries. 

Orders for the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, India, and the Netherlands are completed fastest.

If our internal panel doesn’t cover the demographics or volume of participants you require we can work with our panel partners to source them. Partner panel pricing varies, so please contact us for details.


You can target panelists by setting a minimum and/or maximum age.

Education level 

You can set a minimum and/or maximum education level. The available options are:

  • Some high school
  • High school graduate
  • Some college
  • College graduate
  • Some post graduate work
  • Post graduate degree

Your choices refer to the highest level of education that the participant has achieved, so:

  • Only panelists whose highest level of education is at or above the minimum will be able to participate.
  • Only panelists whose highest level of education is at or below the maximum will be able to participate.

Target male, female, or both if you have no preference.