Buying Credits

Credits are used to order responses from the UsabilityHub panel. One credit for one response.

Credits can be purchased on-the-go when ordering responses or pre-purchased here. When you pre-purchase, you and your team can spend the balance of credits to order responses on tests anytime. Credits do not expire.

Volume credit discounts

Credits cost 2.50 USD each and are available at discounted rates when you pre-purchase 100 or more.

These discounts apply whether you purchase credits while placing a response order or pre-purchase them to hold in your account balance. However, discounts only accrue within a single purchase, so if you intend to place a number of orders you may get a lower price by pre-purchasing your credits.

You can use these credits to order responses however you like. Any number of responses, on any test, any time. Remember, credits don’t expire.

You can pre-purchase credits from this page:

Credits Discount Price
100 Credits 5% Discount $237
200 Credits
10% Discount $450
500 Credits
15% Discount $1062
1,000 Credits 20% Discount $2000
2,000 Credits 25% Discount $3,750
3,000 Credits
30% Discount $5,250
5,000 Credits 35% Discount $8,125
10,000 Credits 40% Discount