Changing your plan

All admins can change on an account can modify the current subscription plan

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How to change your plan 

  1. Click the drop-down from the navigation bar in the top right corner and select Billing  
  2. Click Change plans 
  3. Click Sign up now under your new plan 

If you haven't entered it already, you will be asked to provide billing information.

What happens when you change plan

  • You're moved to the new plan immediately
  • You will not be charged right away: you will be charged at your next billing date 
  • Your billing date remains the same
  • You’re given a credit for the unused time on your original plan
  • On your next renewal, you’re charged for the remaining billing period on the new plan and for the coming billing period on the new plan. The credit from your original plan will be applied automatically.

If canceling your paid plan, you will remain on your current plan until the end of your billing cycle. 

Changing between monthly and annual billing

Annual to monthly: Your account will automatically receive a credit for  time  remaining on your annual subscription.

Monthly to annual: Your account will automatically receive a credit for the time left on your monthly subscription, and you'll be billed immediately for the annual subscription, minus this credit. Your next renewal date will be exactly 1 year from the update. 

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