Ordering from an external panel

Occasionally we are unable to provide responses from the UsabilityHub panel. This may happen if you target very specific demographics or countries that are not yet well represented in our panel. 

When this occurs we may offer to source responses for your test from an external panel.

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Placing an order with an external panel

From the Recruit Participants tab of your test click Place an order then enter the demographics you want to target. 

If we are unable to fulfill your order using the UsabilityHub panel, you will see the following message below the order form where you can then click  Place external panel order

Cost to order responses from an external panel

The cost per response varies depending on how much the external panel charges for the countries you want to target. If you choose to place an external panel order, this will be paid for in UsabilityHub credits taken from your account's credit balance or paid for using the credit card on file.
After your external panel order has been placed and paid for, it will appear in your list of orders for the test. Our team will then arrange for the order to be fulfilled from an external panel. It can take 24-48 hours to begin receiving results.

Differences between panels

There are important differences between responses ordered from the UsabilityHub panel and responses sourced from an external panel.

Responses ordered from an external panel:

  • Are priced differently, based on the countries you target
  • Are not reviewed for quality assurance by UsabilityHub
  • Take 24-48 hours before you begin receiving responses
  • Can not be automatically replaced if they are deleted
  • Are not guaranteed to be unique if you place external panel orders on tests that are within variation sets
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