Deleting responses

There are a variety of reasons to delete a response from your own audience or from the UsabilityHub panel. Once deleted, a response cannot be recovered.  

Responses ordered from the panel can be reported if they do not meet your expectations. When reporting a response from the panel you will be asked why it was unsatisfactory, this data is used to follow-up with panelists to maintain overall panel quality. Reported responses are automatically replaced at no cost. 

Responses from your own audience can be deleted at any time without providing a reason.

To delete or report a response —

  1. Go to the Test Results tab  
  2. Hover your mouse to the right of the individual response
  3. Click delete or report response, depending on if it is a response from the panel or from your own audience 
  4. Confirm by clicking Delete this response or by selecting a reason for reporting the response 

Keep in mind that for multiple choice responses you need to delete single responses from the raw data.

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