Design question sections

Design question sections can be used on any type of design. Simply upload the image and enter the questions you'd like testers to answer about it.

Testers are shown your design side by side with your question and have as long as they like to answer your question.

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Adding a design question section

  1. Click Create a new test on your dashboard
  2. Select Design Question from the section picker
  3. Upload a design
  4. Choose questions to ask participants

Question Test results

Results show average duration, raw response data, and a word cloud to help you quickly identify commonly occurring words. You can view a sample report here

Common Questions 

If you choose to include a design, what type of file can you upload?

The file must be a JPEG, PNG or GIF and no larger than 5MB.

How are images displayed to participants? 

You can control the way your design will be displayed: 

  • Unmodified images are shown at native height and width
  • HiDPI images are shown at half native height and width 
  • Framed images are shown within a device of your choice
How long do participants have to answer questions you asked?

Participants have 10 minutes to view your design and answer the questions you asked.

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