How to upgrade a test

What does it mean to upgrade a test?
Basic tests under two minutes are free. Longer tests and advanced features require a test upgrade.You will need to upgrade your test if you want to use advanced features or create longer tests and you are on a Flexible account.
Upgraded features include:
When you use any of these features when you are building a test you will see a notice in the sidebar that your test will require an upgrade at the next step.

How do I upgrade a test?
There are several ways to upgrade your test.
You can upgrade your test from the Recruit participants tab. If your test requires an upgrade and you wish to use the UsabilityHub Panel you will see a prompt to either upgrade this test or upgrade your account.

You can also upgrade a test from within the Set up link modal if you wish to send your test to your own participants and also use any of the features with padlocks next to them (custom branding, demographic surveying and post-test redirects).
  1. Turn on any upgraded feature
  2. The option to upgrade your test will appear at the bottom of the modal
  3. Select Upgrade this test
  4. If you haven't entered your credit card details, you will be prompted to do so to pay $50USD to upgrade the test

  5. You will receive a delightful confirmation message.

How can I tell if my test is upgraded?
In the test menu bar, upgraded tests have the word ‘upgraded’ next to the test name.

Can I use credits to upgrade a test?
Yes, you can use your credit balance to upgrade tests. Each upgraded test will use 50 credits. You can also buy credits in bulk at discounted rates.
What if my test is in a variation set?
If your test is in a variation set, the cost per test upgrade remains the same - $50 USD, or 50 credits.
For example, if you have two tests in a variation set, the cost will be - $100 USD or 100 credits (2 x 50).
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