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UsabilityHub's plans

UsabilityHub offers three pricing plans for different needs:

  • Flexible, designed for casual usage with no ongoing fees, 
  • Annual for regular usage with no per test fees, and
  • Bespoke for enterprise teams with more complex procurement processes.

More detail about pricing is available on our pricing page.

Ordering responses from the UsabilityHub panel

You can order responses from the UsabilityHub panel on all three plans. You can not access the panel except via a UsabilityHub plan. 

The price of a panel order is calculated in credits. Responses start at one credit ($1.00 USD) per response, and scale based on the length of your test.

You can pay for each order as you place it, or pre-purchase credits on your UsabilityHub account for you so your team has credits in the bank to spend on on panel orders anytime. When you place an order it will automatically use any available credits in your account. If additional credits are required you will be prompted to purchase them to complete your order.

Each credit costs $1.00 USD and discounts apply when you purchase 1000 or more at once.

Recruiting your own audience

You can recruit an unlimited number of participants from your own audience for free. 

Each UsabilityHub test has a unique link that you can share with your audience to participate in your test.

Common questions

Do you have to pay to share your test with your own audience? 

No. Recruit as many responses from your own audience as desired. It's always free.

Do paid plans include access to the UsabilityHub panel?

No. The panel pricing is separate to the plan pricing. Response credits start at $1.00 USD each, regardless of your plan. There are no response credits included in UsabilityHub plans.

Can you order responses from the UsabilityHub panel on the Flexible plan?

Yes, you can access the UsabilityHub panel on any plan. Using the panel always incurs additional costs.

Does UsabilityHub offer discounts for non-profits or educational institutions?

We offer a discount on the Annual subscription for non-profits and educational institutions. Please contact us for details.

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