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Our pricing is based on usage patterns on our platform, direct customer feedback, and high regard for basic fairness as an underlying value :) This is a detailed article; for a high-level view visit our pricing page.

Today, UsabilityHub offers two distinct products that are priced and charged for separately.
  1. Test creator software
  2. International participant panel (fully-integrated)
In this article:
  • UsabilityHub's test creator plan options
  • Recruiting your own audience
  • UsabilityHub’s participant panel pricing
  • Common questions

UsabilityHub’s test creator plan options

 Today, there are essentially two test creator software plan options:
Annual plan is a basic per-user SaaS license
  • $1,200 annually for any Member of Admin [test creators] seat (seats are easily added or transferable anytime by your UsabilityHub account Admins)
    • All features available
    • Any length of test is allowed 
    • Any number of tests allowed
  • View-only seats are free
  • Users signed up under the same account and designated as Members or Admins will have access to the same pool of team credits for placing panel orders
  • Members can't do anything that causes a credit card transaction
  • Admins can place panel orders or bulk credit orders with the credit card on file, change the card on file, and they can also designate other users as Admins, Members, or Viewers
  • Detailed article about user permissions
Flexible plan offers one-off test upgrades
  • Free to sign up and no ongoing fees
  • Tests under two minutes in length that do not require very advanced features are free to run on the Flexible plan (Please note: participant panel usage is priced separately - more on this below)
    • There is a realistic test-length estimator in the test creator interface so you always know how long your test is. This estimator is also used to calculate and lock in a participant panel order price.
  • Tests estimated to be over two minutes in length, or attempting to use advanced features (i.e.custom variables or post-test redirects) require a one-off test upgrade to run.
    • You will be prompted if an upgrade is required to run your test
    • Each upgraded test costs 50 credits OR $50. If you are running more than 2-3 tests a month, we highly recommend the Annual plan.
    • More information about bulk credit purchase options here
    • An upgraded test will have access to all features and there are no length limits.
  • On the Flexible plan, you can't set user permissions, so everyone is effectively an admin
  • Users signed up under the same Flexible plan will have access to use the same pool of credits to spend on either upgraded tests or UsabilityHub participant panel orders

Recruiting your own audience

You can recruit an unlimited number of participants from your own audience for free on all plans. Each UsabilityHub test has a unique link that you can share with your audience to participate in your test.

UsabilityHub’s participant panel pricing

Charged for separately based on your usage needs. You can order responses from the UsabilityHub panel on all plans. 
Today, the UsabilityHub panel is only available for usage with UsabilityHub tests.
When you place an order from our panel, there are two ways to pay:
  1. Credits associated with your account
  2. Credit card on file
You can pay for each order as you place it or pre-purchase credits on your UsabilityHub account, so your team has credits in the bank to spend on panel orders anytime. When you place an order, it will automatically use any available credits in your account. If additional credits are required, you will be prompted to purchase them to complete your order.
UsabilityHub charges 1 credit, per minute of test length, per panelist response ordered. The total cost is clearly displayed on screen and locked in prior to placing panel orders.
Admin view example:
If you are placing panel orders ad-hoc or buying small pools of credits to use, then you should expect to pay $1 x the # of minutes in test length x the # of panelists ordered. 
We offer substantial discounts for bulk credit purchases ( m ore information about bulk credit purchase options here.) Credits can be used to purchase panel orders, and on the Flexible plan credits may also be used for test upgrades. 
If you want to buy more than 20,000 credits at one time, please contact UsabilityHub’s Sales Manager to discuss a custom bulk credits package (a deeper discount may be available) Meeting scheduler here.

Common questions

Do you have discounts for not-for-profits, students or teachers?
We do offer discounts to not-for-profits, charities, students and educators - so if that’s you, get in touch!
Do I need to use the UsabilityHub Panel?
No - feel free to invite your own audience. We do not have any hidden fees for testing with your own group of participants - using your own audience to take your test is always free!
Does each member on our account need their own pool of credits?
They don’t. All account Members and Admins draw from the same pool of credits to upgrade tests or order responses. Admins can place new orders with the credit card on file, and can designate others as Admins or Members.
Do credits expire?
Never ever. You can even transfer them to another UsabilityHub account - just email us.
Do I have to use credits?
No - if you prefer, you can pay with the credit card on file. It’s completely up to you - but if you’re upgrading tests or ordering responses from the panel regularly, you will save money by buying credits in bulk
I want to share results with other people in our organization - do I need to buy Annual seats for them?
Nope - view-only seats are free. We love it when you share results within UsabilityHub! Another option is to create a shareable results link.
How do I know how long a test will take?
The realistic test-length estimator in the test creator will tell you. It will prompt you when you’ve gone over two minutes if you’re on a Flexible plan and help calculate the price for ordering responses from your target audience. Helpful little thing.
Can I have a mix of Annual and Flexible licenses on one account?
At the moment you can’t, but you can easily transfer seats within your Annual account.
Why is your pricing like this? 
Our mission is to democratize access to user research. We’ve designed our pricing in line with direct customer feedback and product usage insights. At the center of our pricing consideration is fairness - we aim to over-deliver on value for cost.
We’re constantly iterating - so if you have ideas, get in touch
Why no ‘monthly’ plan?
The overwhelming majority of our monthly test creators send out 2-3 tests per month. The Flexible plan allows you to make 4 tests for roughly the same cost as our old monthly plan without needing to worry about subscribing and unsubscribing. It’s much better for everyone.
Do you have to pay to share your test with your own audience? 
No. Recruit as many responses from your own audience as desired. It's always free.
Do paid plans include usage of the UsabilityHub participant panel?
No. The panel pricing is separate to the plan pricing. This way you can use the participant panel at whatever capacity suits your organisation’s research.
Can you order responses from the UsabilityHub panel on the Flexible plan?
Yes, you can access the UsabilityHub panel on any plan. Using the panel always incurs additional costs.
When placing a panel order, does UsabilityHub charge extra for demographic selections?
No. We do not have any hidden fees for specific demographic selections nor device targeting.
Why is the enterprise offering presented as a different plan on
The enterprise offering is essentially no different from the basic two plans; however, there are minimum spend thresholds for manual invoices, NDAs, security audits, and terms of service reviews or terms customizations. If you have no need for a manual invoice, nor security audit, nor any special terms of service, then you should be able to self-service everything you need from our website. Enterprises also frequently desire large groups of license seats and want to buy more than 20,000 credits at one time. In any of these cases, it makes sense to contact UsabilityHub’s Sales Manager, Deanna, to discuss your needs. Book a meeting here
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