Five second test sections

Five second test sections allow you to measure how well a design communicates its intended message. They are great for testing: home page designs, landing pages, logos, brochures, and marketing material. Wherever first impressions count, five second test sections are a good fit. 

When carrying out a five second test, the participant is shown an image for five seconds, after which they answer questions based on what they can remember. 

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Creating a Five Second Test 

  1. Click the create a test button in the top right corner of your dashboard
  2. Add a five second test section 
  3. Upload a design to test 
  4. Choose questions to ask participants

Five Second Test results  

Results show raw response data, and a word cloud to help you quickly identify commonly occurring words.

Common Questions 

What type of file can you upload?

The file must be a JPEG, PNG or GIF and no larger than 5MB.

How are images displayed to participants? 

You can control the way your design will be displayed: 

  • Unmodified images are shown at native height and width
  • HiDPI images are shown at half native height and width 
  • Framed images are shown within a device of your choice
What can you test with Five second Tests? 

Five Second Tests are great for testing anything you need a first impression on. The image you test could be a website, graphic design, app design, prototype, wireframe, logo, or text. 

Do participants really only have five seconds to view the image? 

Yep. Participants have five seconds to view your image before answering questions based on what they can recall. Users can only take a test once so revisiting the image isn't an option 😉

Why five seconds?  

Studies have found that visitors only spend a few seconds assessing your website before deciding whether to stay or leave.

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