How to recruit your own participants

Your UsabilityHub test has a unique link that you can share with anybody you want to participate in your test. You can recruit an unlimited number of participants for free. 

How to share your test 

  1. Visit the Recruit participants tab of your test 
  2. Click Set up link 
  3. Toggle your recruitment link on, copy it, and share as desired. 

Common Questions

Who can see your test? 

When recruiting participants from your own audience your test can be seen by whoever you share the custom recruitment link with.

What kind of branding will be shown to your recruits?

You can remove all UsabilityHub branding on the Basic plan, and apply your own  custom branding on the Pro and Team plans.

How do you revoke access to a test?
If you've shared your test's recruitment link you can disable access anytime by toggling it off.
Can you learn more about your participants? 
When recruiting participants from your own audience you can gather demographic details allowing you to filter responses based on age, country, gender, and education level. This feature is available on the Pro and Team Plans. More on demographic surveys here.
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