Post-test redirects

Tailor the post-test experience by redirecting participants to another website after completing your test. Redirects are available when recruiting participants from your own audience using the Pro or Team Plans

How to set your redirect link

  1. Visit the Recruit participants tab of your test 
  2. Click Set up  link
  3. At the bottom of the page, enter the URL you want participants redirected 

Tracking test completes

You can use your redirect URL to track test completes from your recruited participants. This is particularly useful if you are recruiting using a third-party participant panel.
To do this, you will need to modify your test recruitment link to pass in the variables you want to track. By default we will pass all of the variables you provide to the link your redirect participants to but you can specify custom mapping for advanced redirects.
How to setup tracking:
  1. Append custom variables to your recruitment link using a ? (question mark) and join multiple variables using an & (ampersand).
  2. Provide your redirect link on the recruitment settings page:
    1. By default, if you don’t specify any mapping we will pass out your custom variables in the same way you provided them
    2. You can specify custom mapping to pass your variables out in a different format by wrapping them in curly braces like so: {{variable}}
      Eg. {{company}}/?name={{user}} →

This allows you to track who completed your test, make use of third-party recruitment panels or set up automated back on your own website.

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