Post-test redirects

Post-test redirects allows you to tailor your participants' experience by redirecting them to another website after completing your test. Post-test redirects can also be used as an analytics tool to track which participants completed your test in an external system.
Redirects are available when recruiting participants from your own audience using the Pro plan and on all upgraded tests

How to set up a post-test redirect

You can configure the post-test redirect after clicking Set up link from the Recruit participants tab once you have created a test.
  1. Open the recruitment link settings for your test
  2. Enable Post-test redirection
  3. Enter the URL to send participants to after the test is complete.

Tracking completion rates using the redirect link

You can use the redirect URL to track test completes from your recruited participants. This is particularly useful if you are recruiting using a third-party participant panel who require you to send their panelists to a particular completion URL after the test. 
To do this, you will need to modify your test recruitment link to pass in the custom variables you want to use in the redirect URL.
By default, we will pass all of the custom variables you provide in the recruitment link to the redirect link as a query string. For example:
With the redirect URL set to
This recruitment link

Redirects here after the test

Composing a redirect URL with a custom mapping

The URL you wish to redirect participants to may need to include your custom variables in specific locations in the URL instead of than having them appended as a query string.

This can be done by including {{placeholders}} for your custom variables in the redirect URL. This forms a template from which each participant's ultimate redirect URL will be generated. Each placeholder should be a custom variable name wrapped in curly braces like so: {{variable_name}}. You can use as many placeholders in your redirect URL as you need.

Variables used in the template will have their values substituted into the redirect URL where you specified. Any additional variables not used in the URL template will be included as a query string. For example:

With the redirect URL set to{{userId}}
This recruitment link
Redirects here after the test

Note: If a named {{placeholder}} included in your redirect URL template is not present in the custom variables for a participant, it will be substituted out entirely. In most cases, if you specify a redirect URL template, you should be sure to include all of the custom variables in each recruitment link shared.

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