How to order responses from the UsabilityHub panel

There are two ways to recruit responses with UsabilityHub. From your own audience or ordering responses from the UsabilityHub panel. This article focuses on ordering responses from the panel. 

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Placing an order

You can order as few as 5 responses and as many as 1000. 

  1. Navigate to the Recruit participants tab for the test you wish to place an order on
  2. Click the Place an order button. You can also access the recruitment tab via the dashboard by hovering your cursor over a test which will make a recruit participants button appear.
  3. You’re able to set the number of participants and the demographic targeting you need. We’ll provide an estimate of how long it will take us to provide these responses in real-time as you make your changes. For common demographics, you should start receiving responses within a minute or two

Paying for your order

Order prices are calculated in credits. You can pay for each order as you place it, or pre-purchase a larger volume of credits for your UsabilityHub account which you and your team can spend on response orders anytime.

Your order will automatically use available credits in your account. If additional credits are required you will be prompted to purchase them to complete your order.

Common questions

Who is on the UsabilityHub panel? 

Our panelists are diverse in age, education, gender, and location. Collectively they represent 150+ countries and 156 languages. 

What if you don't have enough credits for your order? 

Your order will automatically use available credits in your account. If additional credits are required you will be prompted to purchase them to complete your order.

How long will it take to get responses?
On average, you can expect to receive 50 responses in under two hours for common demographics, and within 30 minutes for untargeted orders.
Response times vary depending on:
  • The time of day, and day of the week. Weekdays are faster than weekends.
  • Your test's language. Tests in languages other than English can experience longer wait times.
  • The demographics you specified, if any.

Take note of the estimated duration for results to arrive is provided for your order as you change the demographic target.

Can you change or cancel your order?
Once placed, an order can not be changed, but you can cancel your order anytime via the Recruit participants tab of your test. Note, credits for the remainder of the order will be automatically refunded when your order is canceled but credits used before you cancel will not be.  

Can you place more than one order on a test?

Yes, place additional orders for test responses at any time. Each order is only available to panelists who have not responded to the test already guaranteeing you always have unique panelists. 

How do you get a specific proportion of demographics?
Do this by placing multiple separate orders for each group. 
For example, if you want 100 participants from USA/Canada with a 50-50 split, you would place one order for 50 participants from the USA and the second order for 50 participants from Canada. 
Learn more about demographic targeting here. 
Can you order more than 1000 responses? 
We are happy to help. Please contact us directly to discuss an order larger than 1000 responses. 
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