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UsabilityHub standard privacy agreement

We take your privacy seriously at UsabilityHub.

UsabilityHub, its employees, agents, and subcontractors will keep confidential all data and customer information including test content, imagery, and test results. Information in your account may be seen by UsabilityHub employees only for the purposes of providing support.

All test content is private and confidential, and will not be shared with any third-parties or published in any form without prior written approval.

Your tests are not visible to other members of UsabilityHub except upon request in the form of ordering responses from the UsabilityHub panel. Ordering responses from UsabilityHub makes your test temporarily available to a sub-set of our users until the order has been fulfilled or canceled.

UsabilityHub panelists do not explicitly sign an NDA, however, they must agree to keep confidential all information and imagery viewed on UsabilityHub tests when signing up for our platform.

All test results are private and cannot be viewed publicly or by other UsabilityHub members unless actively shared by you or invited members of your account.

Learn more about security at UsabilityHub here.

Requesting a custom NDA

If you require a custom NDA in order to use our services please contact us directly.

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