Similar to billing and plan details, Admins can access receipts and update invoice information. All invoices are sent the Billing email listed on your account.

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How to access receipts

Receipts are available here or by following these steps:

  1. Click the drop-down menu from the navigation bar in the top right corner and select Plan & billing.

2. Under the Payment and Subscription section, click Billing history. This is where all receipts for UsabilityHub charges are listed.

Each receipt can be downloaded as a PDF or viewed in HTML. When you select HTML, the receipt is not downloaded and instead a new browser window will open for you to view details.

How to customize invoices

  1. From the Plan & billing page, under the Billing details section, you can update the billing email address (where invoices are sent), billing name, and provide any additional detail you wish.

  2. Click Save billing details.

Additional details is often used to have a billing address or tax information included on invoices.

Regional tax information

For customers based in Australia, your invoice will show that the payment amount is inclusive of GST.

For customers based in the USA, UK, or European Union, the payment amount on your invoice is exclusive of state/local Sales tax, VAT, or any other similar taxes. If for some reason these charges are incurred on your behalf when you file your taxes, we can provide you with a proper tax invoice stating as much.


If you require vendor or tax forms please contact us, we are happy to help.

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