Credits can be used to order responses from the UsabilityHub panel.

Credits can be purchased on-the-go when ordering responses, or you can pre-purchase credits in bulk. When you pre-purchase, you and your collaborators can spend the balance of credits to order responses on tests at any time. Credits do not expire.

How to pre-purchase credits

  1. Click Buy credits from the navigation bar in the top right corner of the app.

2. You can select an amount under Quick buy, or type in a custom amount. Your total will update based on the number of credits you enter, and any discount will be automatically applied.

Bulk credit discounts

Credits cost $1.00 USD each and are available at discounted rates when you pre-purchase 1000 or more.

These discounts apply whether you purchase credits while placing a response order or pre-purchase them to hold in your account balance. However, discounts only accrue within a single purchase, so if you intend to place a number of orders you may get a lower price by pre-purchasing your credits.

The current discounts we offer, and which automatically apply when you purchase in bulk, are:




1000 Credits

5% Discount


2500 Credits

10% Discount


5000 Credits

15% Discount


10,000 Credits

20% Discount


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