Use projects to keep tests organized on the UsabilityHub dashboard—each project acts as a folder for tests. You can add tests to projects when creating the test or afterwards.

How to create a project

When creating a test

  1. Under Test details, type in your preferred project name. This can be an existing project or a brand new one.

  2. Create and save test as usual.

3. Once created, you can filter your dashboard to see only tests in a particular project. All projects will show all tests regardless of their project.

After test creation

  1. Select the test from your dashboard.

  2. Click the Build tab.

  3. If you have already received responses, you will see a warning that making any changes to your test may impact your data if you order more responses. Select I understand and wish to proceed to confirm. If you have not received any responses for the test, you will be taken directly to the test builder.

  4. Select the appropriate project or enter a new name to create a new project.

  5. Save your test.

How to delete a project

When a project no longer contains any tests, it will be automatically deleted. To delete a project , you will need to go into each test and manually remove the test from that project. This can be done by clicking the X icon in the Project field of the test builder:

This will only remove the association with that project, the tests will not be deleted.

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