Design survey sections can be used on any type of design. Simply upload the image, video, or audio file and enter the questions you'd like testers to answer about it.

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  1. Adding a design survey section

  2. Viewing results

  3. Common questions

Adding a design survey section

  1. Click +Create new test in the top right corner of your dashboard.

  2. Add a Design survey section.

  3. Upload a design to your test.

  4. Add questions you want to ask participants.

Viewing results

Results show average duration, raw response data, and a word cloud to help you quickly identify commonly occurring words. Multiple-choice responses will allow you to filter your results to show only the users who picked a particular choice, and all of the answers they gave on the other test questions.

View a sample report here.

If you used a Linear scale or Ranking question as a follow up, you will see the mean of the responses in the bottom right corner of the section, rounded to two decimal places.

Common Questions

If you choose to include a design, what type of file can you upload?

  • Static images must be a JPEG, PNG or GIF and no larger than 5MB

  • Video files must be MP4 and no larger than 100MB

  • Audio files must be MP3 and no larger than 100MB

How are designs displayed to participants?

You can control the way your design will be displayed:

  • Unmodified images are shown at native height and width

  • HiDPI images are shown at half native height and width

  • Framed images are shown within a device of your choice

What can you test with question test sections?

Design survey sections are very versatile. While they are often used for testing designs, like verifying your users understand what an icon means, design survey sections are also used as basic surveys. What do participants believe is the topic of your book based on the title you provided? What should you call the knowledge base on your website—or is it a help center? The possibilities are endless.

How long do participants have to answer the questions you asked?

Participants have as long as they like to view your design and answer the questions.

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