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To access your team management page, click the drop-down menu from your user avatar in the top right corner of the nav bar and select Team members.

How to invite members to your team

On the Free plan

  1. From the Team Members page, enter a valid email address into the text box under Invite your team.

2. Click Invite. You'll be asked to confirm this action.

3. Once you click Invite again, we will send them an email with an invitation to join your account. Once joined, they will be able to access all tests, as well as billing, user permissions and other administrator settings.

On the Pro and Enterprise plans

When inviting your teammate, you will see an additional option to choose the role for the user you are inviting.

If you choose to invite a user with an Admin or Team role, you will be alerted to the fees associated with this action, as all Admins and Team members on Pro accounts cost either $199USD per month if billed monthly, or $1200USD per year if billed annually. Viewers are free but they can only view the tests on your account and can't create new tests.

You will not see the option to invite team members if you are on the Basic plan as it is a single-user plan only.

Team member permissions

Each team member is assigned a role with permissions limiting what they are able to do in your UsabilityHub account.

  • Account owners receive account correspondence, cannot be deleted by anyone and can delete the UsabilityHub account. This role can be transferred to another team member.

  • Admins can manage account and billing settings, manage the team, purchase credits, create and manage tests, spend account credits, and view tests and results.

  • Team members can create and manage tests, spend account credits, and view tests and results.

  • Viewers can only view tests and results.

Transferring account ownership

If you are the account owner, you can click Edit next to any user that has the role of Admin and you will see an option to transfer account ownership to them.

Remember, the account owner receives account correspondence and cannot be deleted by anyone.

Common questions

Can I add Viewers to my Basic plan?

Not right now—the Basic plan is intended for solo users. You can, however, share your test results with colleagues by exporting or sharing the unique link to your results.

What if the user I want to add to my team already has a UsabilityHub account?

You won't be able to invite someone who already has a UsabilityHub account. We are happy to merge their account into yours, we just need both you and the user you're inviting to contact us with the request.

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