There are a variety of reasons to delete a response from your own audience or from the UsabilityHub panel. Once deleted, a response cannot be recovered.

Responses ordered from our panel can be deleted if they do not meet your expectations. Deleted responses from our panel are automatically replaced at no cost. When deleting a response from our panel you will be asked why it was unsatisfactory. This data is used to follow-up with panelists to maintain overall panel quality.

Responses from your own audience can be deleted at any time without providing a reason.

How to delete a response

  1. Find and open the response you want to delete. You can do this from any written answer by hovering over the answer and clicking on this icon:

You can also open the response from the sidebar, which lists all responses. Filters may be used in the test results to narrow this list, which can be helpful to isolate an errant click on a click test, or to narrow down to participants who gave a particular response on a multiple choice test.

From here you can view the response in full, which is a good opportunity to see the answers to all of the questions that it contains before you decide to delete it. To delete the response in full, click the Delete response button.

Select the reason for deletion, then click Report this response. Once complete, your test will automatically be sent back to the panel for a replacement response.

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