When ordering responses from the UsabilityHub panel you have the option to target panelists by setting demographic criteria. Only panelists who meet your criteria will participate in your test.

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Placing a targeted order with the panel

  1. From the Recruit tab of your test, select Place an Order.

  2. Enter the number of responses you would like to order and toggle on the relevant demographic criteria for participants.

  3. Review your checkout summary on the right hand side and click Submit Order.

As you select demographics, the pool of available participants may become smaller. If we are unable to fulfill the order with the selected demographics and number of participants required, you can place an order with our partner panel.

Available demographics

Panelists can be targeted by the following demographic attributes:

  • Country

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Education level

  • Employment status

  • Annual household income (in USD)

  • Technical proficiency

  • Daily hours spent online

Country targeting

The UsabilityHub panel has participants from over 100 countries. If our internal panel doesn’t cover the volume of participants you require, we can work with our panel partners to source them. Partner panel pricing varies, so please contact us for details.

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