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UsabilityHub tests can be completed by participants using mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

Device targeting limits which devices participants can use to complete a test. This ensures that only responses from the targeted device are collected on that test.

In some cases, device frames may provide a realistic experience for testing mobile and tablet designs, even on larger devices. In these cases, device targeting may not be necessary.

Selecting permitted devices

Device targeting can be set for each test in the test builder. You have the option to select if the test can be completed on:

  • Any device (mobile, tablet and desktop).

  • Mobile only, or

  • Desktop only (computers such as desktops and laptops).

Targeting only tablet devices is not currently supported.

You can select your device targeting preference in the Test Details section of the Build page of your test.

Device targeting when ordering participants from the UsabilityHub panel

When you select a target device type in the test builder, your order will automatically target panelists using that type of device.

Please note that ordering from our partner panel does not currently support device targeting. If you need device targeting and we are unable to fulfill your request with the UsabilityHub panel, please get in touch.

Device targeting when recruiting participants via your test's recruitment link

When you select a target device type in the test builder, participants using eligible devices will complete the test as usual. Participants using ineligible devices will see a message explaining the device limitations of the test. They can then return to the test using an eligible device and participate. We suggest including a message alongside the recruitment link outlining any device requirements for the test.

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