Disabling your recruitment link
If you've invited your own users to take a test, you can disable your invite link to stop collecting responses and mark your test complete.
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Your UsabilityHub test has a unique link that you can share with those you want to participate in your test.

Once the link is activated, participants will have access to your test. When you no longer want to receive responses, you can disable the link to effectively "close" your test and mark it as complete.

How to disable your test's recruitment link

  1. Visit the Recruit tab of your test.

  2. Click the Manage button next to your test link to open the link settings.

3. Click on Disable link.

Common questions

Can someone who already has the link still access my test after I have disabled sharing?

No. If someone visits the link after you've disabled it, they will receive an error notification that the test is no longer collecting responses.

Can I re-enable the link after I have disabled it?

Yes. You can enable or disable as often as you like—the unique link will always be the same, so anyone who you have shared it with, regardless of when, will be able to access the test as long as the link is enabled.

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