UsabilityHub allows you to quantify responses to open-ended questions with tags, making it easier to identify trends and share insights with stakeholders. Responses are not tagged automatically but it is easy to do and it’s possible to tag responses individually or several at once.

How to tag open text responses

Go to an open text result section and select the response(s) you want to tag by clicking on them (when the response is selected you'll see a blue tick).

Click the Add/edit tags button to the right of the search box.

Type in the name of the tag you wish to create and hit Enter. You will see the tag added below the selected response(s).

You can now also see the tags quantified (%) by selecting the Tags tab above the search box.

To add existing tags to responses, click the Tag icon once you have hovered over a response and select the tag(s) you wish to add.

Tags you create and edit are visible to everyone that can access the test results.

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