Some results sections support image exports. This can be useful for sharing results with colleagues or in more formal research reports and summaries. It’s especially useful if your image is long and difficult to screenshot from the results page directly.

What sections are supported?

Currently you can export heat maps, click maps and word clouds as images. Heat maps and click maps are generated from First Click tests as well as Navigation tests. Word clouds are generated from short and long text answers.

How do I export the image?

When you are viewing a compatible result section, a button will display to the right of the screen above the image.

If you are downloading heat map or click map exports from Navigation tests, you will need to view each result separately and export each image individually.

What format is the image downloaded as?

The image is downloaded as a PNG image. PNGs are lossless images, which means that the image should remain high quality. PNGs are compatible with most other platforms and apps, including Slack, Dovetail, Keynote, Powerpoint, Google Slides, Google Docs, Microsoft Word and Dropbox Paper.

Does this work for self-recruited tests?

Yes, you can export result images from tests recruited from our panel as well as from your own participants.

Can I download all the image exports from my test at once?

Not currently. Let us know if you would like this.

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