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Managing participant applications for Interviews
Managing participant applications for Interviews
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Once users apply to take part in your study, you will see their information populate on the Applications page.

Viewing participant applications

On the Applications page, you will see each participant's:

  • Full name

  • Preferred name

  • Qualification status

  • Email address

  • Date of application

  • Session booking status

Selecting a participant on the Applications page opens up an info drawer that shows you that person's details and their screener answers. This can also be accessed by selecting a participant's icon on the Sessions page.

Use the arrows at the top left of the drawer to cycle through participants:

Qualification status

Participants will be labeled as either Qualified or Disqualified based on their answers to your screener questions. You can still manually send invitations to disqualified participants.

Session booking status

If you chose Automatic selection method, this will show as "Booked" once the participant has selected a time slot.

If you chose the Handpick method, or if the participant was disqualified in the screening process, it will show as "Applied" and you will need to send your invitations manually. This status will change as participants begin to book sessions.

Sending invitations manually

  1. Select which participant(s) you would like to send session invitations to by ticking the box to the left of their name(s). Tick the box at the top to select all participants.

  2. Once selected, click Send invitation at the bottom of the screen. These participants will receive an email with a link guiding them to book a time slot based on your availability.

  3. If you have already sent an invitation to a participant who has yet to book a session, you can send a reminder by selecting them again and clicking Send reminder.

You're almost there—check out our article on Managing sessions for Interviews to learn how to track completion of your study.

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