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Run moderated surveys with Interviews
Recruiting participants for Interviews
Recruiting participants for Interviews

Learn how to create and send invitations to your audience for your moderated study

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Once you've set up your moderated study, you can begin to send out invitations to your audience to collect interest in participation. At this time, you can only recruit participants from your own audience for Interviews; recruiting from the UsabilityHub panel isn't supported. Let us know if this is something you're interested in!

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From within your study, click Recruit from the progress bar at the top of the page to move to the recruitment stage:

From your dashboard, you can navigate directly to the recruitment page by clicking the Recruit button on the desired study:

Creating a recruitment link

Click Create a link. This will generate a unique link that you can send to your participants. This link will automatically save to your Recruit page, but you can disable it from within the link setup or directly from the Recruit page at any time.

You can create multiple links for the same study if you're sending your invitations out to different segments of participants. To do this, click Back to recruitment options once you've filled out the details of your first link, and create another.

Participant selection method


By default, your link will be set to Automatic selection. With automatic selection, eligible participants will immediately be able to book sessions based on your availability. This is recommended for studies with single or multiple choice screener questions, or no screener questions at all. Participants who qualify through the screener will immediately see booking options. If there are no screeners, participants who you send the link to will immediately be able to book a session.

With Automatic selection, you'll need to set a limit of eligible participants who can automatically book a session. After this number of sessions is reached, you can still manually send out invitations from the Applications page.


Handpick selection doesn't allow participants to immediately book after completing the screener questions. Rather, participants will see a thank you screen with a message that they'll be notified if they're successful in proceeding through the study. Handpick selection is there for studies with short or long text screeners, as you will need to review the answers to see if they match your requirements. You can also use this option if you simply prefer to manually select and send invitations to specific participants.

You can manually send invitations from the Applications page of your study.

Offering incentives

If you plan to offer incentives for participants who complete your moderated study, you can specify that by clicking the incentive icon and entering the type of incentive you are offering, e.g. a $25 Amazon gift card:

Participants will see the incentive in their invitation and you can track the incentives you've provided on the Sessions page of your study.

Sharing your link

Once you've completed your link setup, it's time to let your audience know you're looking for their participation! Copy the link, either from within the link setup or directly from the Recruit page, and send it out to your audience in whichever channel you prefer.

Once participants have clicked the link, they will be asked to enter their name and email address, answer screener questions if applicable, and book a session if eligible (and if you've chosen automatic selection). Once the form has been completed, you will see their information on the Applications page of your study. Check out our article on Managing participant applications for Interviews to see what comes next!

Have questions or feedback? Click the Beta feedback button in the top right corner of your account to let us know!

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