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Once a participant has booked a time slot with you, their session details will appear on the Sessions page of your study. Here is where you will keep track of all of your scheduled sessions, study completion status, and incentive status.

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Viewing session details

You'll see both upcoming and past (completed) sessions on this page. At first glance, you'll see the date of the session, the time of the session, the participant's full name, and their preferred name in parenthesis.

To view more session details, click the down arrow on the righthand side of the session. Here, you will also see the participant's email address, the meeting link to be used for the session, and the host(s) who are attending from your team:

Editing session details

From the Sessions page, you can only edit the meeting link and the host(s).

Managing meeting links

If you added a meeting link to the Location section during setup, it will be applied to all of the sessions in your study. If you left that section blank, you will see a red caution sign on your session(s) to let you know there is no meeting link available. You will need to add a meeting link at least 10 minutes before your session is scheduled to begin.

Click the pencil icon next to Location in the session details, and paste your meeting link there. If you intend to use a different link for each session, you will need to do this for each individual one.

Whether you added a universal link during setup or have added unique links to each individual session, you can edit your link(s) up to 10 minutes before the session start time, as the participant will not be able to access the link until that point.

To update a universal link, head to the Setup page of your study and edit the link in the Location field under Study details.

Managing host(s)

If you added team members during your study setup, all of your names will appear as Hosts of the session. Otherwise, you will appear as the only host. You can add hosts by clicking the "+" and selecting teammates from the dropdown.

Once there are multiple hosts, you can delete members who are unable to attend a session by clicking the "x" next to their name, including yourself. The hosts you add from the session details will automatically receive a calendar invite for the session; hosts you delete will receive a cancelation notice.

Rescheduling or canceling a session

From your end

To cancel an upcoming session, click the Actions menu from the desired session and select Cancel session. Your participant will automatically receive a notice of cancelation.

You can also reschedule a session from the Actions menu by clicking Request to reschedule. You will be asked to provide a reason for the reschedule (this is optional) and notified if you have no availability left for participants to choose from (you'll need to add availability first if this is the case):

The existing sessions will be canceled and the following will occur:

  • The participant receives an email stating that the original session has been canceled but that a reschedule has been requested. From the email, they can click to book a new session time with you based on your remaining availability.

  • The participant reverts to "Invited" status on the Applications page of your study

  • On the Sessions page of your study, the session will appear as a canceled session, with a status of "Reschedule requested"

If the participant accepts the reschedule request
When the participant successfully books a new time, you will both receive confirmation emails. On the Applications page, the participant's status will change to "Booked." On the Sessions page, the new time will show as an upcoming session and the participant will disappear from the Canceled sessions section.

If the participant declines the reschedule request

The participant has the option to decline the request to reschedule if none of the new available times work for them. They can do this from the reschedule request email and they will receive confirmation once complete:

On your end, if a participant declines the request to reschedule, they will be reverted to a "Canceled" state which will reflect on both the Applications and Sessions pages of your study.

If the participant does not decline or book a new session within 5 days of receiving your request, the link will become inactive and they will no longer be able to book a new time. On your end, the session will show as canceled.

By participant request

Participants can reschedule or cancel a session from the calendar invite. If they choose to reschedule, they can immediately book a new time slot if there are any available. You will receive a notification of the change and it will reflect on your Sessions page automatically.

If a participant cancels a session, you will receive a cancelation notice and it will be reflected on your Sessions page. Participants are asked to provide a reason for cancelation which you will see here.

Tracking session completion

Once the allotted time has passed for the session, it will automatically be moved from Upcoming sessions to Past sessions. You will, however, need to take note of the actual study completion status.

If you do not manually update a study's completion status, your sessions will automatically be marked as complete five days after the scheduled session time, regardless of whether you were able to conduct the study or not. We'll show a banner under the unmarked past session as well as send daily email reminders until the session has been marked as either complete or no-show.

Completed sessions

If you were able to complete the session successfully, click the Actions menu on the session and select Mark as completed.

  • If you offered an incentive for your study and have already provided it to the participant, tick the box next to Mark as incentive paid before confirming.

  • If you offered an incentive for your study and have yet to provide it to the participant, leave that box blank and click Confirm. Your session will show as "Incentive pending." Once you have sent the incentive to your participant, you can mark the incentive as paid from the Actions menu.

Participant no-shows

If your participant was a no-show, select Mark as No-show from the Actions menu. You can also cancel the session from this menu.

Conducting your study

Your study will be conducted via your meeting software of choice, outside of the UsabilityHub platform. At this time, Interviews does not support screen or participant recordings, taking notes, or adding other response data from your study into your UsabilityHub account.

Have questions or feedback? Click the Beta feedback button in the top right corner of your account to let us know!

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